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meet catherine

Come along a magical healing journey with The Fae Spirit by Catherine Porter. Catherine has a connection to spirit extending from the Fairies, leprechauns, dragons, Unicorns, Crystals, Angels, Archangels, Ascended masters, Star people and much more. From this connection a magical range of healing sprays has been created, Spirit Sprays, to help you heal. You will experience a direct connection to these magical energies when you use the Spirit Spray range and allow the fairy, dragon, flower, crystal energy and more to dissolve away your blocks and help you more forward in life. With a few sprays over your head, this beautifully smelling vibrational spray, can rapidly reduce your anxiety or help you drift off to sleep.

Catherine is truly connected and compassionate working with the fairies and other magical beings to bring you messages of guidance and healing. Guidance and healing are available one-on-one or through her many courses.

Allow the magic to flow through you as Catherine will assist you to transform your life with her years of experience, balancing emotions, beliefs and the physical body.

The Fae Spirit has a range of beautifully hand-crafted (battery operated) Fairy, Dragon and Unicorn lanterns to bring a little magic into your life. These magical lanterns are hand crafted using recycled jars.

I believe in fairies! Do you!

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