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Abundance is simply a lot of one thing! Want more of something in your life? This is the spray for you to use in conjunction with your own intentions and other abundance tools to manifest what you desire. The spray comes with instructions and the paper and pen to achieve the best results. When creating vision boards or any other form of manifesting incorporate these spray to add more power to your intentions


With this spray you also receive some instructions, a green texter and some green paper. These are all used together to help create more of what you want. 


All sprays are vibrational aura sprays. The sprays are created from vibrational essence which Catherine makes. Vibrational essences are very effective as they influence our bodies energy fields, Chakras and auras. Each Spray is a combination of fairy essence, crystal essence, Archangel essence and quality essential oils to give a beautiful aroma.

Abundance Spray

SKU: 0018
$30.00 Regular Price
$25.00Sale Price

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