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Brain Fog? Things seem hazy? Just can’t focus. Constant over thinking? Cant switch the brain off? This is the spray for you. You will feel the changes quickly in most cases and be able to focus on tasks.

The sprays are created from vibrational essence which Catherine makes. The Spirit Spray range of essence contain essence which are channelled by Catherine Porter plus some beautiful pure Australian Essential oils’ vibrational essences. A vibrational spray works with the bodies energy fields and vibration bring them up to match the frequency of the spray. These sprays work on the body’s chakras and aura layers.

Clear Mind Spray

$25.00 Regular Price
$20.00Sale Price
  • 50ml glass spritz bottle

    Ingredients: Pure water, vibrational essence of Blue Lace Agate Crystal Fairy, Clear Fluorite crystal Fairy and Lavender essential oil with a little alcohol to preserve your spray.

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